Raequon’s Bathroom

On his 11th birthday, Raequon woke up and told his mother, Althea, that the gift he wanted more than anything was the ability to bathe himself without worrying that he would fall, as he had done before when- wanting independence- he got into the shower without telling his mother and slipped.

Diagnosed at birth with cerebral palsy, Raequon’s self-reliance has been his top priority since he was a toddler, when Althea began to tell her son that there is nothing he can’t accomplish. A rising 5th grader, he lives right next door to his beloved grandmother. When he’s home he loves to play music on his keyboard and frequently helps take care of his baby brother.

Althea lost her job as a truck driver one year ago. A social worker referred the family to Operation Home and, 3 months later (coincidentally, just hours after Raequon made his birthday wish!) our staff called Althea to tell her work was about to begin. Now Raequon has a accessible bath with safety features, and his mother has peace of mind.

Scope of Work Performed: Bathtub Modification to ensure safety and accessibility

Total Cost of Job: $3376

Referring Agency: Berkeley Citizens, Inc.

Length of Project: 1 week

Total Household Income: $630 per month

Income Source: Social Security Disability

Total Individuals in Household: 3

Special Needs: Disability

Housing Type: Mobile Home

Female Headed Household

3973 Rivers Avenue, Suite 104
North Charleston, SC 29405
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